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Collaboration between Clap Media and IM+C

El nacimiento de un nuevo orden

Collaboration between Clap Media and IM+C

Since May, the show marketing agency Clap Media has joined IM+C.

Clap Media, just Clap for Friends, has been helping every show reach the eyes and ears of audiences for over 25 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-off concert, a regional tour or Alejandro Sanz’s latest tour.

His alma mater, Dani Querol, is in charge of flooding the cities with posters, buses, opis, radio interviews… whatever it takes to make every show that passes through his hands a public success.

With this merger, or twinning, or collaboration treaty, Clap will be able to expand its borders and its successes. And it will add creativity and design to its show management offer.

IM+C, for its part, will expand its market reach and collaborate in the management and purchasing of international show tours.

Let the curtain open and the party begin!

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