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New technologies and the future communication tendencies

The challenge of adapting to the new technologies and the future communication tendenciesies

In my intervention in the programme Skiller Academy and Negocios Televisión, dedicated to “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in digital advertising”. As IM+C General Manager can highlight, we are an independent agency, specialists in international work based on strategy and integrating media and creativity.

This allows us to have a wider view of the tendencies in every continent, permitting us to adapt better to each market, get ahead of our, and our clients’ competitors, and obtain better results for us and our clients.

We made our first Blockchain-based communication last year, “screenwriters of the future”, for Frit Ravich. Before our intervention, they showed their products on social media and reach. From March 2020, we found a new territory for them to penetrate and use, the series and entertainment one, where we helped them focus on engagement. Being a reference within the entertainment industry with recommendations of series, films, concerts, etc. obtained us notable metrics.

But we wanted to go a step further and become entertainment, not be based on it. We also wanted to take the first steps in Blockchain to build a solid base for future traceability of the products.

We continue to innovate and accept virtual currencies as a form of payment, a tendency many big corporates like Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft have adopted too.

Cryptocurrency transactions will be normalised as governments start to accept them, mainly Bitcoin, as currencies of co-official use.

That is why we currently only accept payment in cryptocurrencies within our El Salvador campaign, because this country’s government has admitted Bitcoin as one of the official currencies. The moment one of the great world powers (United Kingdom is likely to be the first) accept payments and transactions in cryptocurrencies, I am convinced that many undecisive countries will follow the lead and facilitate the integration of these currencies into the rest of the world.

A massive opportunity also exists to promote sustainability and our values as an agency by supporting Blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies that are headed in said direction.

And without the brands understanding, innovation, and applying the concept and advantages of Blockchain, the Metaverse has appeared, where interaction is based around avatars and cryptocurrencies. Neither the introduction of these currencies in Spain allows us to take the leap to the Metaverse, nor do the brands have their own tokens to reward interactions with their customers. We must start with the basics, what is Blockchain, understand the infinite advantages presented by the new era of web3, where the value, and not the information, will be transmitted between brands and users through Smart Contracts that will revolutionise the concept of brand-consumer interactions. And then we enter the Metaverse. Innovating for the sake of innovating without knowing why or even the mid-to-long term strategy is pure techwashing (like greenwashing).

There is an emerging narrative, based on gaming and new technology’s dynamic, that communication as we know it today will start to become obsolete and will be completely abandoned by future generations. We have to be ready for many new media formats and their coding and language. At IM+C, we are getting ahead as creators of the “screenwriters of the future” campaign, paving the path brands must follow if they want to keep contacting and communicating with their customers and potential consumers. At IM+C we are leading a way of innovation and adaptation and are seeing incredible results.

Raul Gilabert Alonso

General Manager

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