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Welcome to IM+C

A creative media agency.
A media agency of creativity.

Whichever way you look at it, one cannot exist without the other.

We think that creativity adds efficiency to the media strategy. And that the media strategy adds brand awareness to creativity.

Therefore, we have brought together the best talent from both fields to create something new, different and relevant in this technological and social era.

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Keys to an effective media campaign

Keys to an effective media campaign

It is necessary to briefly define the working method of a media campaign.

Cristina Roldan 13 May, 2021
Am I doing my digital strategy correctly?

Am I doing my digital strategy correctly?

It's funny how, in the digital environment, brands are more and more like people.

Zapa 19 January, 2021
Should small brands invest in advertising?

Should small brands invest in advertising?

A few years ago it was more difficult to be small and advertise: the big media were dominated by the big advertisers.

Victor Caballe 19 January, 2021


Creativity helps us better remember the message, especially when the right media outlet is used.



A media strategy improves when the messages are adapted to each provider.



Merging services simplifies the work of marketing departments.



The union of media and creativity prevents the usual conflicts of interest between a media agency and a creative agency.



We offer strategy, creativity, and media from our offices in London, Barcelona, Miami, Madrid and San Salvador.



In the current media environment, the personalization of messages is necessary to communicate with the target audience.



We deal with each project as a senior multidisciplinary team always capable of finding a unique and original solution.



Working together in the same office enables us to offer a range of services starting from the most specific, until the most integrated ones.

What can we do
in Media

Consultancy, strategy and media buying. Measurement and analysis of the target audience, markets and communication campaigns.

What can we do
in Creativity

Consultancy, strategy, creation and implementation of all kinds of creative ideas for brands and services.


Can we develop media strategies without creativity?

Adding creativity to media strategies is encoded in our DNA. Therefore, when a campaign already has a creative idea, we come up with a creative media strategy adapted to it, which adds to this idea and ensures maximum visibility for the campaign.

Can we develop creative campaigns without media strategy?

We certainly can. However, it is unthinkable for us to create a campaign without considering its possible locations. Thus, our campaigns are always accompanied by a creative media proposal.

Are we an independent media agency?

Sometimes, IM+C cooperates with different partners to make our proposals as competitive as those of the large communication groups. Nevertheless, our shareholders and capital are 100% independent.

What countries does IM+C work in?

We have physical offices in London, Barcelona, Miami, Madrid and El Salvador. However, we see our market as a global one and have a network of associates and providers that permits us to offer services in any part of the world.

IM+C London

New Broad Street House, 35
London, EC2M INH
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IM+C Miami

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Miami FL 33138
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IM+C El Salvador

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Col. San Benito, San Salvador
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