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Agencia en Barcelona

IM+C is a Media and Creativity Agency based in Barcelona and other big cities. We have been supporting national and international brands for more than 5 years, providing them with the best service in planning, strategy and media buying, as well as strategy, creativity and production of advertising campaigns.

How do we work in Media?

Creative Media strategy

Thanks to the combination of media and creativity, our creative team in Barcelona i able to optimize all communication channels, audiences, profiles, correspondences between different media outlets, investment and distribution by each channel.

Media planning

Media planning is crucial to ensure adequate coverage and achieve the frequency forecasted in the media plan. In this manner we can eliminate duplication in audiences, obtaining the best cost-impact. A well-developed media plan allows us to optimize the distribution of the budget effectively and efficiently.

Media + Creativity

At IM+C we believe that an ideal campaign is one which integrates both media and creativity in order for one part of the process to feed the other, increasing its effectiveneness. This is why we have a senior creative department specialized in the creation and conceptualization of advertising campaigns.

Our keys to success

How we help brands

We help our brands, products and services to communicate around the world, so you can count on us:


Thanks to our expert knowledge of the media world and the global competitive market, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Miami and El Salvador nobody knows the market better than our team.


Being flexible, implies having the capacity to adapt to each environment, situation and market. Each brief carries unique and inherent needs. We have been working with all kinds of clients for years, no matter the magnitude.


We focus on achieving the best results, providing the right information and focusing on profitability for our clients with total transparency from the first meeting.


We follow to the letter our formula IM+C, Media and Creativity, Creativity and Media, which allows us to offer a personalized and quality service.


Access to an experienced and qualified professional team in both media and creative communication.

Able to have direct reach with foreign publishing groups and more than 60,000 media outlets around the world.   

Helps you in the process of media search and segmentation by categories such as profiles in more than 140 countries.  

Provides you with media and international market studies with all the necessary information for your media campaign to be the most effective.   

In case you also need a creative agency, combine the two services in one with a single interlocutor so that creativity and media go hand in hand.

We have extensive experience and expertise in both international and national media campaigns. Each client has its own needs, so we are able to offer the best media cross/mix.



Thanks to Radio’s range and frequency, it allows us to segment and focus on the market that the customer wants to reach.


We help our clients achieve maximum coverage and impact with their spots.

We work from the big national chains around the world that offer great coverage to the provincial, regional and local ones that allow to segment the audiences.


Data + Technology allows us to optimize each client’s budget and impact the target users, obtaining optimal and effective results, focused 100% on the focus audience.

Within the digital media team at IM+C we manage 100% digital campaigns that can be perfectly combined with offline media campaigns.

Search, Voice Search, Video&Display, Mobile, RTB Programming, Social Media Ads, Google Ads, BingAds, Native Ads, SEO (search engine optimization), among others.


Traditional and mass media reaches almost all segments of society, and having access to them provides us with greater audience coverage, diversity and breadth.

The traditional and digital press continues to be one of the main media outlets for many advertisers, in which we help to find the most suitable editorial line to impact their target audience.


Outdoor advertising allows different combinations, coverage, frequency, impact and interaction with other non-traditional media outlets such as the digital environment. See our case study of Messi10 – CirqueDuSoleil.

In IM+C Barcelona and in the rest of the offices of the agency, we satisfy the international demand of our clients by reaching the areas and markets with the greatest impact on the strategic opportunities.


Audience specificity and permanence are factors that make magazines a choice for many customers.

Flexibility in reading and advertising, with the magazines we offer a wide choice of regional, national and international coverage, as well as various editorial sizes, approaches and tones.

Some of our clients

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